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🎵 Winter Concert - Join Us from Anywhere in the World! 🎶


Calling all music enthusiasts near and far! The enchanting tunes of Santa Monica High Orchestras are transcending borders and coming straight to you through the magic of YouTube Live.


Wherever you are on the globe, join us for a spellbinding concert that knows no geographical bounds. Immerse yourself in the symphonic wonders from the comfort of your home as we livestream the performance on YouTube Live.


Mark your calendar, invite your friends, and prepare to be carried away by the universal language of music. Tune in for an unforgettable experience that bridges distances and unites us through the power of harmony. 🎻🌏✨

​Should you like to contribute and help Samohi Orchestras offset the cost of Live Stream Series, please click below to make your contribution.

Once you've made your contribution, come back to this page and click on the YouTube Live button


For direct access without supporting the Live Stream Series at this time, please click on the YouTube Live button below.

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