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2023 / 2024 Concert Series

The excitement is palpable as Santa Monica High School's upcoming Orchestras concerts draw near. Students, teachers, and the community are buzzing with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the harmonious melodies and virtuoso performances that will grace the stage. With months of dedicated practice and meticulous preparation, the talented musicians are poised to deliver an unforgettable musical experience that promises to enchant and captivate the audience.


Santa Monica High's Orchestras concerts are not just a showcase of remarkable talent but also a celebration of the profound impact of music in our lives, making them a must-attend event for all who appreciate the beauty of orchestral music.

Spring_Concert_Owen_Purcell -81.jpg

Friday, October 6th


Movie Music Magic


This concert is a magical blend of movies, music, and enchanting performances that promises to transport the audience into a world of cinematic wonders.

Spring_Concert_Owen_Purcell -45_edited.jpg

Thursday, March 7th


Spring Concert

This concert is a vibrant and melodious ode to the season, offering a refreshing and uplifting musical experience that embodies the spirit of renewal and growth.


Tuesday, December 12th


Winter Orchestras Concert


This concert is a harmonious celebration of the

season, filled with heartwarming melodies and musical cheer to embrace the festive spirit.


Thursday, March 16th


Stairway of the Stars


This concert is a prestigious event that illuminates the stage with the brilliance of exceptional musicians and timeless compositions, creating an enchanting evening of musical artistry.

Spring_Concert_Owen_Purcell -32.jpg

Saturday, February 10th


Spaghetti and Strings

Benefit Auction & Concert

Symphony's fundraising concert is a harmonious endeavor that not only celebrates the students' musical talents but also aims to generate support for their ongoing

musical education.


Thursday May 2nd


Pops Concert


This concert is a lively and eclectic musical showcase that blends various genres and instruments to deliver an entertaining and unforgettable performance for all to enjoy.


Saturday, May 25th


Senior Gala


This concert is a harmonious celebration of the

season, filled with heartwarming melodies and musical cheer to embrace this year graduating class.

Concert Program
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